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How to operate new oil tank truck and the preparation

1. Preparation before operation of new truck

(1) Check the inside of the tank and clean it before using a new tank.

(2) Open the sediment and sewage discharge outlet to discharge sewage within the tank.

(3) Check whether the ESD chain is in contact with the ground.

(4) Check whether the ball valves at each oil drain hole are closed.

How to operate new oil tank truck and the preparation

2. Use of fuel tanker

(1) Oil filling: connect the ground wire of oil depot to the static conductive connecting plate of fuel tanker.

Open the oil filler at the tope of the tank body. Insert the oil hose into the tank body for oil filling. The rated

volume shall be the limit for oil filling. Overload is not allowed.

(2)Oil discharge: connect the oil hose and the oil drain hole. Turn the handle of the ball valve on the oil drain line until it’s parallel to the oil drain line for oil discharge.

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